Thinning Hair Solutions

Over 50% of clients that visit us at the have thinning hair. This condition can be caused from a range of things like alopecia, poor diet, recently having a baby or simply hereditary reasons. There are a number of excellent herbal products that work reasonably well for thinning hair like Nioxin and Vivisal. In reality these products take months to notice and they do not work for everyone.

That is why our clients want instant results to put the confidence back into their lifestyle using our famous natural looking hair pieces. Depending how thin your hair is becoming and how aggressive the pace of your hair loss is will determine which course of action is best for you. We have a range human hair pieces that fall and sit exactly like ones own hair that will transform your look within minutes.

With over 10 years experience book in for a consultation with the Hair Club today 085 867 2799 or (021) 202 9840.

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