Dolores Mackenzie

Dolores Mackenzie

Welcome to the Hair Club. My name is Dolores Mackenzie and I have worked with the Hair Club in designing a full range of hair pieces and wigs for woman that have a variety of hair loss conditions. I have found many simple and effective solutions for creating a very natural look for our clients. I urge you to make that call, don’t be afraid to talk about it to someone who knows and understands by experience what you are going through and who can give you advice, support and some simple solutions to your problem.

How does a consultation work?

I have to know the area where the problem is,

I need to know the colour of your hair at the present moment,

I need to know the length of your hair

It is important for the consultation to have this information in advance so that I can have a hair piece ready that fits your requirements and that will look as good as your own hair. We will create a natural look that is almost identical to your own style, length and colour. The only difference will be that you will have more of it.

To book your consultation call Dolores directly on 085 867 2799 or Hair Club (01) 260 8874 – Dublin, (021) 202 9840 – Cork.

Testimonials & Stories

Dolores where would I be without you for the past 6/7 years? The Clip-in hairpieces that you supply me with completely cover my own thinning hair. They are easy to wear and easy to maintain. I wash the piece very 2-3 weeks and replace it approximately every 9 months.

My self confidence has taken a new turn. I wouldn’t even come down the stairs in the morning without wearing my piece. The pieces work out cheaper than the numerous visits I would have to make to a hairdresser and they completely cover my thinning patches. Your staff are always friendly, cheerful and professional. Good luck to you Dolores and your staff.

Maura 21/2/2013

Chemo wig, long hair wig, human hair I would definitely recommend the Hair Club as the hairpieces are fantastic quality. The service is second to none. The “Real Hair” wigs are my favourite as it feels so like my own hair – which gives me the confidence I need every day.


My name is Dee and all my life I had thin hair on top. I tried tablets and shampoos etc., but nothing really worked and no hairdresser seemed to know what to do with it. Then I heard about Hairspray and decided to come for a look to see what they could do.

The girls are so nice and understanding and made me feel “normal”. Within 5 minutes my hair was sorted! I really couldn’t believe how easy it was! I am 31 years old and thought that I would have this problem forever but now I have a very simple solution and can’t recommend it enough. They were the first hairdressers to say that my hair was “not that bad”! I am over the moon!

Thank you.


Many years ago my hair started thinning. Then a few years ago I heard of Hairspray and I had a consultation with Krisztina. On my first visit I was very sceptical and unsure of what to expect, but Krisztina was very patient and talked me through the whole process.

I got my new hairpiece and people couldn’t believe the difference it made. I looked twenty years younger. My piece is very easy to manage at home. Every two weeks I wash and blow dry it myself, and then every six weeks I come to Hairspray for a colour and a cut. It only takes seconds to clip on and off. I wear it every day and my confidence and self esteem has improved no end.

Thank you.

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