Crown Volumizers

Thinning on top (female pattern baldness) – many of our clients have this problem and there is such a simple solution to it. It’s called the crown volumizer and it comes in different sizes and colours to suit and cover your specific problem area.

Crown Volumizer
How does a crown volumiser hair piece work?

First we choose the size, length and colour that the client wants.

For the client that wants no maintainence, and cant make it into us on a monthly basis for maintance, I will suggest you use the volumiser with the extension clips.

The extension clips are sewed into the the volumiser hair piece, about eight of them in total to attach them into your existing hair area.

How secure are they? Will it fall off on a windy day?

With those eight clips attached to your own hair, it is completely secure with no movement and can not be seen.

Can I put this on myself?

Yes it only takes about three minutes to attach this to your own hair and my team will teach you how to put it in when you are purchasing this hair piece.

Can I sleep with it on?

Yes, you can sleep with it on but remember is just attached by the extension clips, so the choice is yours whether you want to sleep with it or remove it at night.

Is it real hair?

Yes, I only use real hair on the crown pieces as the client needs to feel that it is as good as their own hair. This piece can be blow dryed, washed as normal, curled and straightened.

How can you match it to my own hair?

Once the hair piece has been chosen, right colour, length, price, etc…

The next most important thing will be the cut. The cut is blended and designed to look identical to your own hair. The only difference is that you will have more volume and that looks fuller and healthier.

How do I look after the volumiser hair piece?

I suggest you to wash the hair piece every second week as it does not get greasy as it is not coming from the root. Wash it with warm water and professional shampoo and conditioner. Wash it from the root to the ends with down strokes, never rub it as it will get matted. It is very important that you condition the hair in the same way. Towel dry it, take all the excess water out of it and then proceed to blow dry it.

The easiest way for you to manage this will be to buy a dummy head and pin the hair piece in to it. You can also use heated rollers to give it more volume. You can also use Velcro rolls, curling tongs, straighteners, etc… To give it the look that you may require.

Can I bring it to my own hair dressers?

Most definitely but we also have clients that live in Dublin and come into to me every two weeks to have their hair piece blow dried and also their own hair colour dyed.

How long does it last?

It varies from client to client, some clients can have them from six months and up to a year and a half depending on how well the client looks after them.

What price are they?

They start at €450, €650, €750 and €850 depending on the length, thickness, shape and colour of the hair piece.

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